Owning and moving

I’ve just thrown away most of my old notebooks. Strange to think that the photos of marginalia are all I have left of them, though not nearly so strange as how I feel about letting them go. I expected to feel so much more – I mean, I’d kept them for years (some for over… Read More Owning and moving


“Civilised” Sheep and “Natural” Goats

From a linguistic anthropology class. The professor did fieldwork in Georgia (in the Caucasus), and as I recall he was making a point about animal associations in Georgian culture. Something about sheep being “closer to civilised” in their domestication while goats in the mountains remain “closer to nature”. Part of my weekly Marginalia series.


Bird vase

Whatever was on my mind when I drew this (5-6 years ago), when I look at it now, it strikes me how much the wings look more like plants growing out of the bird. (Perhaps this would work as a vase/plant pot design?) Part of my weekly Marginalia series.



Sketch of an embracing couple, surrounded by reflections on a Rabi’a Al-Adawiyya poem. Part of my weekly Marginalia series.


Images and Stars

Drawn under my notes during a lecture about the Al-Sufi star manual (one manuscript of which is in the MIA’s collection), given last Wednesday by Harvard University’s David Roxburgh. It helped me to better understand some of the links between star manuals and celestial globes and the way that images lend functionality to both. There wasn’t much about how this links… Read More Images and Stars


Hybrid mask

Drawn in a completely unrelated university lecture, this sketch was a random idea for a mask(? puppet? costume?) of some sort of fantasy creature. The neck and head would be stiff, protruding from some sort of cloth that fits like a blanket over the head and shoulders of the performer. At the time I had this fascination for masks that are not designed to be worn… Read More Hybrid mask


Matrix of Masks

Masks held together in a loose matrix. The actual drawing is considerably smaller than this, and resides on the same page as Tiresias. Part of my weekly Marginalia series.



An experiment with coloured accents in marginalia. I like how it came out here, but colour imposes new factors to think about in the drawing process that impede satisfactory improvisation. But it may make an appearance again in standalone works (where planning is part of the game). Part of my weekly Marginalia series.


Fantasy Equines

A maned seahorse and an antlered unicorn that I drew in an anthropology class. I drew the strangest things in the margins that semester. Part of my weekly Marginalia series.