About me

With parents from opposite ends of the world, a global nomad sort of life since I was 6, and an eclectic academic/professional background, I’ve had to get comfortable with liminality and coexisting oppositions. The things I like and make tend to both wrestle with the crises when categories clash and celebrate the richness when they fuse harmoniously.

This is why I am drawn to astrolabes. Mughal/Safavid instruments became the focus of my study because I find their fusion of scientific knowledge, artistic expression, and spiritual symbolism inspiring. Especially given how art, science, and religion are in such tension nowadays, I wanted to understand how these things could come together so beautifully in these objects. Even though I am now moving away from sheer academic research towards more modern design, I hope to keep this sensibility with me.

I have a general love for the night sky and related lore; mythology from all over the world; lush historical costumes/objects/settings; cyberpunk and other genres that give a fantastical feeling to technology; and all things feline (我愛喵星人). Performing arts are also dear to my heart, particularly singing and Indian classical dance, although I am less involved in them these days.