2018: A new commitment to design

Happy 2018! I hope the new year has been wonderful to you so far.

I greet this year with a new goal: I want to become a designer.

There are many reasons behind this. For one thing, I want a day job that involves more creative work and contact with other people (but with more stability and better working conditions than I’ve found in the arts). For another, I am inspired by the designers who study the deeper significance of historical objects and cultural practices and use this to create items for modern life that are imbued with that spirit. Needless to say, I would love to be involved in such projects.

Yet design is ultimately about turning creativity towards solving problems. So before I commit to any particular direction within design, I want to clarify what kinds of problems I most want to solve. That will take soul-searching, and that’s a major reason why I want to blog about this journey. To capture the process and the struggle, and hopefully benefit from reader interaction along the way.

In that spirit, this year I also want to commit to making — and sharing — more original work, whether that’s art or writing or design projects. I want to be less afraid of doing so, to have a healthier attitude towards failure and overcome perfectionism. I feel I’ve retreated into a shell over the past two years, and while it’s been good for me in some ways, it’s time to re-emerge.

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