Two Cups

I decided to give myself a “congrats on the new job!” gift of a fancy mug. In a shop selling tea and all the accoutrements, I found these:

I asked the shopkeeper what the inscriptions meant. “Money” she said of the one on the left, and “peace or freedom” for the other. We joked that this felt like one of those folktales where someone has to make a weighty choice, and I was inclined towards the one on the right. “But you’re young!” she said. “Make money now; find peace later.”

So which one do you think I chose?

4 Replies to “Two Cups”

    1. That’s perfect! I did indeed choose the money one because that’s the mug I keep at work – so yeah, I should get the peace one as a housewarming gift for the new apartment. ^_^

    1. Awesome to hear from you, Dave! Just sent you an email update. ^_^
      So which cup do you think I chose?

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