Yesterday we reprised one of the dance pieces from the Asianet show at an event to inaugurate the new building for my Indian classical dance school.

Despite last-minute choreography changes (we had fewer dancers) and managing to forget my chilanga at home (thanks again, Ameen, for delivering them!) the performance went beautifully. And I’m especially glad because this was the first time my mother got to see me dance on stage.

While I didn’t take any photos yesterday, I did get permission to share one of the little girl who wanted to pose with me as we were getting ready for the Asianet show:

Lachchu posing with Raya in mohiniyattam regalia.

I think it captures the atmosphere of yesterday’s event quite nicely. Because unlike the TV show with its potential audience of millions of strangers, last night was about celebrating our artmaking with the people who make it possible: the folks at our school (teachers, staff and fellow students) and our respective families.